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What To Do When You Receive A Letter From The IRS

The IRS sends correspondence for all sorts of reasons. They might be verifying your identity, notifying you of a delay in your return or seeking additional information.

Any letter from the IRS will include information about what section of the tax code relates to your situation. To learn what these code sections mean for you and find a workable solution to any tax issue you face, contact Rebeck & Allen in Detroit.

With a background as a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, attorney Chelsea Rebeck has extensive experience in dealing with the IRS. If you are unsure how to respond to a letter from the IRS, the best thing you can do is stay calm and consult a lawyer.

Notices From The Internal Revenue Service

One of the most common notices the IRS will send is known as a “CP2000.” This relates to a discrepancy between information reported on your tax return and information provided by an employer or financial institution. It could mean you owe more in taxes, paid too much or sometimes makes no difference at all.

As with any letter you receive from the IRS, there will be a specific deadline by which you need to respond. This makes consulting with an experienced tax attorney right away all the more important.

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