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Helping Protect Your Assets From The Government

By law, the federal government can seize your property if you are facing federal charges or significant bills from the IRS. A conviction or sentencing is not necessary for them to possess your home, vehicles or your finances. Refusing to forfeit your assets could lead to even larger consequences.

Our attorneys at Rebeck & Allen have comprehensive experience in tax law and estate planning. Together, we make a valuable team with the necessary skill to protect your assets. We can help you strategically structure your assets to make it difficult for the government to possess your property.

Our clients are our priority. We proudly serve clients in Michigan and throughout the United States. We provide quality services in a large volume of cases right from our Metro Detroit office.

The Essentials Of Asset Protection

The government can seize any property in federal cases, including:

  • Your home
  • Your business
  • Automobiles
  • Income or proceeds

Facing huge IRS payments, serious audits or federal charges can be stressful enough, but the prospect of losing your property can be frightening. The attorneys at Rebeck & Allen strive to reduce your anxiety. We provide individualized guidance to best protect your assets and interests.

The two most common ways to protect assets are:

  • Choosing a protective business structure: It is not easy for the IRS to obtain property from an LLC or other corporation. We can help you secure your business assets with these structures.
  • Establishing legal trusts: Though usually related to estate planning, trusts legally shift ownership of assets whenever you decide. This can help protect your assets from the government, as you will not own certain assets anymore.

Creating a strategic protection plan can not only protect your assets, but also your family. For example, if you are facing a prison sentence, establishing a protection plan could set aside money to help your children through college.

Indispensable Help In Protecting Your Assets

It is important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to keep all your options open. You do not have to face the IRS alone.

At Rebeck & Allen, we aim to protect your rights, assets and the future of your family. Our attorneys personally address all your concerns to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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