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Preserving Your Property Rights In Divorce

Whether you are considering divorce or your spouse has already begun the process, you may be focused on the emotional impact right now. That is natural, but soon you will have to start thinking about the money. Getting divorced should not leave you struggling to maintain a comfortable life for yourself and your children.

At Rebeck & Allen, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully deal with property division as part of their divorce process. Attorney Sara E. Allen knows Michigan divorce law and the creative possibilities for splitting up your marital property fairly. Let us help you deal with complex, valuable assets such as:

  • Retirement accounts and other investments
  • Savings and checking accounts
  • Small businesses
  • Real estate, including the family home

Property division for divorcing couples with significant wealth can be complicated. Without proper legal representation, your divorce can turn into a painful fight. Sara Allen handles divorce cases of all levels of complexity. We will accurately determine the value of all marital assets and make sure that everything subject to division is included.

What If I Did Not Earn An Income During My Marriage?

Thoughtful property division is especially important if you focused on maintaining the home and raising the children during the marriage. In Michigan, you are entitled to an equitable portion of the marital property, whether you earned an income or not. With the potential addition of spousal support, you will be able to maintain your lifestyle as you enter the next phase of your life, and continue to plan for a comfortable retirement.

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