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About Our Attorneys

Attorneys Chelsea Rebeck and Sara E. Allen founded Rebeck & Allen to provide experienced and personal legal help to Greater Detroit. They are well-versed in many areas of law, offering skilled counsel to clients needing full-service tax help, assistance with probate or representation in a complex divorce.

Meet Attorney Chelsea Rebeck

Attorney Chelsea Rebeck is a part of a small group of female attorneys with her skills and credentials. She worked in accounting for 13 years before attending law school, then as a certified public accountant for many years. She is also an adjunct professor at a local college, advising students with her extensive CPA knowledge.

Ms. Rebeck’s highly respected experience helps her provide individual tax help on matters such as:

Meet Attorney Sara E. Allen

When it comes to law, attorney Sara E. Allen knows what she is doing. She has worked in some of the most respected law offices in Michigan, handling many complicated cases.

Ms. Allen’s main practice at Rebeck & Allen involves guiding clients through:

Together, Rebeck and Allen make a valuable team that can address a range of legal concerns.

Learn more about Ms. Allen and Ms. Rebeck’s individual qualifications on their attorney profiles.

Rebeck & Allen’s Firm Values

The law firm of Rebeck & Allen operates on three essential values:

  • Experience: Both Ms. Rebeck and Ms. Allen believe that comprehensive experience is essential. With such experience, clients receive knowledgeable counsel.
  • Advocacy: Ms. Rebeck and Ms. Allen personally attend to every detail of every case to take the burden off clients’ shoulders.
  • Fair resolutions: At Rebeck & Allen, the attorneys always strive for the best possible outcome for every client. They are committed to protecting all clients’ best interests.

Ms. Rebeck and Ms. Allen sincerely care about their clients. The moment clients walk through the door, they become the main priority. At Rebeck & Allen, the attorneys handle every aspect of clients’ cases in-house, no matter how complex the situation may be. This allows clients direct access to the inner workings of their case.

Any legal predicament is difficult. However, at Rebeck & Allen, clients receive exceptional care and experienced representation.

Call Experienced Lawyers Today

The lawyers at Rebeck & Allen are committed to protecting clients’ rights. They know how to efficiently resolve a wide range of legal issues. Call 248-636-2222 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Southfield offices.