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Guiding Families Through The Adoption Process

Every family is unique and now, more than ever, they begin in all sorts of ways. For the attorneys of Rebeck & Allen, one of the most satisfying segments of family law is helping families grow through adoption.

Family law attorney Sara E. Allen has helped Michigan families of all shapes and sizes for many years. Families throughout the Detroit metro can rely on our firm to approach every adoption with care and skill.

Stepparent Adoptions In Michigan

We most often provide assistance for stepparents who wish to adopt their partner’s child. Stepparents play a unique role in a child’s life that can be formalized through adoption.

The primarily challenge in a stepparent adoption is ensuring the child’s other birth parent consents or has had their parental rights terminated. This is where it is especially helpful to work with a skilled family law lawyer. We can help you determine how to approach the child’s other birth parent and keep the process amicable.

But, if the other birth parent refuses to voluntarily give up their parental rights, there are other approaches to take. You may be able to prove the other birth parent is unfit or has abandoned the child.

“Abandonment” in this context means that the child’s parent has not maintained contact with them or provided financial support. If this is the case for a given length of time, parental rights can be terminated without the birth parent’s consent.

Skilled Guidance Tailored To Your Family

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