While parents in Michigan may feel divorce is best for them, their children may feel otherwise. Divorced parents have a new set of issues to contend with when it comes to connecting with their kids.

With help from HuffPost, parents can boost their chances of building and maintaining a solid relationship with their children after divorce. Parents may find they improve their parenting skills during a divorce.

Words matter

Parents should make an effort to not speak ill of each other in the presence of their children. Playing nice can help kids maintain their psychological health and peace of mind. Also, kids may feel a parent is badmouthing them, as children are made up of equal parts of their mother and father.

Consider therapy

Depending on a child’s age, she or he may not understand how he or she feels about divorce or how its impacts. For that reason, it may help kids to see a therapist while divorce proceedings are underway. Sitting down with an impartial third party can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary issues later on down the line.

Know what to say and what to withhold

Parents also need to be careful of how much they reveal to their kids when breaking news of the divorce. There may be sensitive details that kids are better off not knowing. With information deemed shareable, parents should be as honest as possible.

Think twice about self-help books

Books about parenting while divorced are abundant. Despite the author’s experience, sometimes, it is better for parents to go off what their children say and do rather than sticking to the book’s advice.

Divorced parents also need to look out for themselves. Joining a support group and talking to other divorced parents can prove immensely beneficial.