Residents in Michigan know that the April 15 deadline for filing their annual federal tax return is just around the corner. For people who have not yet filed their tax returns, it is important not to rush to get these in and instead to make sure they pay careful attention to the fine details. Failure to do this may contribute to an error down the road.

Some of the things people need to watch out for are essentially errors that anyone can make. The transposition of numbers in a Social Security Number, a bank account number or a bank routing number are just a few examples of common errors according to Money Crashers. When it comes to numbers, basic calculations that are off can skew an entire return. It is also important that people pay close attention to the proper spelling of their names and to ensuring the names listed on their tax returns match those on other tax documentation.

Bankrate adds that it is important people do not overlook the importance of claiming income earned from investments, savings or side employment. Even with the changes to the tax laws that have gone into effect, it is essential that charitable contributions are properly documented.

Finally, every tax return requires a proper signature and must be filed on time. If filing by the April 15 deadline is not possible, an extension must be applied for. People who simply hold onto their returns to file later may end up being assessed penalties for late or missed returns.